Why do English People Love Pies?

Posted on March 23rd, 2015

Traditional Pies…a Nations Favourite
roll-out-the-pies-300x159Great quality pies are one of the best comfort foods that English people love. The amazing contrast between crisp, golden pastry and the delicious filling makes every bite a blissful experience.

Traditional pies in themselves are incredibly rich and have a varied history in Britain and our love for this kind of baked goodness goes back much further than you can ever imagine.

For the earliest instances you’d have to go back to the invasion of the Romans during the first century AD, when they brought with them the notion of encasing meats, fish or fruit in a kind of edible case similar to that which we would recognise today as pastry. It provided good food on the go and kept the cooked ingredients fresh, which means that they could be eaten at any time and anywhere during the day. By the time the Romans left our shores, we embraced this way of cooking and continue to this day.

Why do English people love traditional pies? Well, there’s a deeper meaning and connection to it. It’s symbolic of love, union and comfort. Pies have been bringing people together since the time of the ancient Egyptians. In fact, there was a point where everything that was baked in an oven was considered a pie.

small-postal-piewhite-300x221Ovens back then were large clay pots with a fire that burned inside to heat them up. Those ancient bakers introduced fruits, nuts and honey in bread dough, resulting in something like a form of a cake called a “galette”. The early pies were essentially made of paste, made from flour and water which helped cook the meat and conserve the juices.

Pies have come a long way since that time and many variations are now available. However, one tradition still remains…

If you love traditional pies (who doesn’t?), then come and visit Arments Pie and Mash, the original heart of London’s favourite Pie and Mash. Open since 1914, the pie shop is still using the same traditional recipes passed on through many generations.

Our tasty hand-made steak pie is a perfect example of how traditions are maintained through generations. Because we don’t use additional beef stock or gravy in our recipe or fillers, the steak pies are distinctive in their look, flavour and quality.

Whatever you do, make sure that you order a hearty plate of pie and mashed potatoes with liquor in our shop to eat in or takeaway. Alternatively, if you have moved away, you needn’t miss out, you may place your order online and we will deliver it to your door, anywhere in mainland UK.

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