When is a pie not a pie?

Posted on February 25th, 2015

When it is NOT an Arments pie!

For British Pie Week, the telegraph wrote an article about when a pie is not a pie and still didn’t seem to take a real stance on the subject. We have 100 years behind us and think we can speak with some authority on the matter.

A pie is a pie when it has a top, sides and a bottom. A pie is encased. The whole history of pies started so food could be kept fresh and transported easily. We are proud to carry transportation of pies one step further and offer the ability to order pies and jellied eels online and have them delivered to your door.

The type of crust is important too, the bottom should be soft but not soggy and the top crisp without being burnt. To get this just right we actually have different recipes for the tops and bottoms of our pastry filled goodness.

Pie has a great reputation for a reason and it should not sullied by inferior products like pies with only top crusts or “pies” with mashed potato tops. Mash goes on the side with a lovely portion of green liquor over top to complete the traditional meal.

Mess with curry all you like, but leave pie and mash pie-fection to us Londoners!

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