Valentine’s Day Gifts – Some more unusual than others!

Say It With Arments - Happy Valentines Day From All Of Us!

Posted on February 11th, 2018

Valentine’s Day gifts

If you haven’t yet purchased a Valentine’s gift for your loved one you’re not alone. In a recent survey 46% of men said they leave buying until the last minute – while 23% admitted to having forgotten the day completely! In general, though men tend to spend more than women on their loved ones, with engaged men and women spending more than their single, dating or married peers.

Outrageous Valentine’s Day gifts

If you’re stuck for ideas why not check out what the celebs have been buying for their Valentines? Jay Z once bought Beyoncé a platinum-covered mobile phone – other Valentine’s Day gifts include a 200 year- old olive tree and a lilac-coloured Bentley.

Best Valentine’s Day gifts

Don’t worry if your Valentine’s Day budget doesn’t stretch that far – you can still keep your partner happy by buying the most popular gifts – of jewellery, flowers and chocolate. Avoid buying the least popular gifts – underwear and alcohol. And if you’re buying flowers the favourite Valentine’s Day flower is – you guessed it –the romantic rose.

The worst Valentine’s Day gifts

56% of women surveyed said they were less than impressed with their gifts on Valentine’s Day. But spare a thought for the ladies on the receiving end of these presents:

According to another recent survey unhappy Valentines were presented with a tin of baked beans, a live tarantula and a plastic sheep – while one woman was seriously underwhelmed when her partner bought her an ironing board. Gifts of bathroom scales and a tea bag were also recorded.

Favourite things to do on Valentine’s Day

More than half those surveyed said they preferred to cosy up at home on Valentine’s Day, while a Mills and Boon survey revealed that women rate holding hands (46%), and cuddling (44%) as their favourite romantic acts – and more important than any gift.

So, if you don’t have much cash to splash this Valentine’s, why not take your significant other to a romantic spot? How about a moonlit stroll along the South Bank from London Bridge to Waterloo? Or a trip to the Tate Modern’s viewing terrace for spectacular 360 degree views over the city? You could also take a wander around Columbia Road Flower Market, or take your favourite person to Wilton’s Music Hall for a night of cabaret or theatre.

Arment’s pie and mash – the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day

What could be more heart-warming this Valentine’s Day than to treat the special person in your life to a delicious meal of Arment’s pie and mash? Our pies are lovingly made – to the highest standards – and the perfect accompaniment to a romantic night in. Order in an Arment’s pie and mash box made for two! Or stop off at our shop in Westmoreland Road – the heart of pie and mash – for a gift that your other half will definitely appreciate this year!

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