Seven Things you Didn’t Know About Eels!

Posted on January 26th, 2015

Jellied, and stewed eels are classic English food, but here are seven things you might not know about these weird fish that makes these dishes taste so good!

  1.  The biggest eels can reach lengths of up to 13 feet, and weigh up to 110 kilograms! Even the very hungriest of punters would have a hard time eating all that!
  2. Eels tend to live for an amazing 85 years, longer than most humans! Although maybe they’d live even longer if they weren’t quite so delicious…
  3. The Electric Eel, perhaps the most famous of the bunch, is in fact guilty of identity theft. Despite the last name, it’s not actually an eel at all, but a type of knifefish.
  4. Electric Eels can generate shocks of up to 860 volts, enough to power seven typically sized light bulbs, or, incredibly, almost seventy car batteries!
  5. Eels are very into food, and eat lobster and fish, sometimes even including other eels. Normally we’d condemn cannibalism, but in this case, who can really blame them!
  6. Eels possess very poor eyesight, which means they sometimes bite the fingers of overzealous or unlucky divers, even if they’re feeding them! Talk about ungrateful…
  7. Eels have a slippery coating, allowing them to traverse reefs without getting hurt, meaning they’re right at home being jellied!

So now you know the secrets of the rather odd fish that goes into some of our classic English dishes. Jellied eels and stewed eels have been served by Arments Pie and Mash for over a hundred years, and their fantastic flavour has helped us to become the best traditional pie and mash shop in London.

Don’t hesitate to come in today, and try this timeless classic of English cuisine for yourself! You can also order either of these dishes to enjoy at home in our online store.


  1. Granville Smith says:

    I’ve been eating eels since I was 7,I would catch them in tha Swale in Kent.Im now 74 and buy 4 tubs a week at Tesco at I drink all the jelly

    1. Cheryl says:

      Eels are very nutritious!

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