Party Pies for St Georges Day

Posted on April 15th, 2015

St George’s Day wouldn’t be St George’s Day without some traditional English fare to set the scene. Whether you’re planning a get close-knit get together with friends and family, or are looking for that special food for St George’s Day for your pub or club, Arment’s can help you get the party started with their traditional party pies.

If London was a pie it would be an Arment’s pie

Our meat pies are lovingly handcrafted to a secret London recipe we’ve been using for over a 100 years. We only use 100% beef steak in our pies and you won’t find any nasty preservatives in there either, just real, honest flavours.

But we’re not just about pies. We also make delicious stewed and jellied eels, and mash and liquor too, so there’s something for everyone. And forget fashionable ‘lite bites’. Our mini buffet pies are perfect food for St George’s Day, the ultimate finger food and always a hit with guests.

Traditional Party Pies
Food for St George’s Day

Arments-Cockney-PiePop into the shop and order your pies or get your pies, mash and jellied eels delivered to your home or business. If you need to make sure you’re ready for the big day then order online. We take great care to chill and pack our pies so they taste as fresh when you reheat them as they did when they were first hot out of the oven.

Or come to our shop and treat your friends and family to a delicious English meal in our authentic London pie shop.

Out on the town for St Georges Day

There are plenty of diverse events going on in the capital and all around the country on St George’s Day, so if you’re heading out for a fun-filled shindig why not fill up on some delicious traditional foods first? Ditch the burgers and chips and opt for some real, homemade fast food to line your stomach.

People have been celebrating St George’s Day by eating homemade pies since the very first feast day – and with pies as tasty as Arment’s why would you want to change a thing? Fly the flag for England this St George’s day. Get the invites out, and the Arment’s traditional party pies in – and look forward to a St George’s Day you’ll never forget.

Place your order for traditional party pies by Sunday April 19th either via our online shop or to speak to someone directly call our shop on 0207 703 4974 during opening times.

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