Oh, Be My Valentine! Exploring the Heartfelt History Behind February 14th!

Arments Pie & Mash London - Valentines Day 2024

Posted on February 7th, 2024

Arments Pie & Mash This Valentines DayLovebirds and friends, are you ready to dive into a heartwarming journey back in time? As February 14th approaches, and we’re gearing up to spread love like confetti, let’s take a whimsical wander through the chronicles of Valentine’s Day! Yes, you guessed it – it’s time for love messages, chocolate indulgence, and bouquets of blooms!

Did you know that we sent a staggering 20  million Valentine’s cards in the UK in 2022! – as announced by The Greeting Card Association.  Even in our tech-driven world, digital messages of love are taking a romantic turn.  Personalised video messages and curated playlists are becoming the modern love letters and we can’t help but wonder: how did this romantic revelry begin?

Flashback to ancient Rome, and we find ourselves amidst Lupercalia (a wild shindig).  This was not your typical Hallmark holiday, oh no! On February 12th-15th,  Romans celebrated fertility in a way that might just make you blush – think love taps with animal hides!

Then, leap forward to a tale of Christian courage: meet Valentine of Rome, a 3rd-century AD hero. Defying Emperor Claudius’ stern orders, he secretly aided prisoners – because love knows no bounds, right? Legend whispers that he even penned a heartfelt note to his jailer’s daughter signed, “from your Valentine.” Cue the collective awww!

Valentine’s Day is embracing inclusivity like never before, it’s not just for couples. It’s a day to celebrate all forms of love – friendships (Galentine’s Day), pets, and self-love are getting the spotlight too! So, whether you’re planning to pamper your partner, cherish your friends, or indulge in a little self-love, remember that this day is steeped in history, heroics, and a touch of ancient mystery.

Feel the love, share the spirit, and who knows, maybe slap on a Valentine’s sticker or two!  Whatever you do, make it a day to remember, filled with love, laughter, and the power of connection.

Remember, at Arments we only have pies for you! Whether you visit our shop, order online, or purchase from one of our Licensed Sellers, our pies are all lovingly made by hand and served with love!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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