Counter & Kitchen Team Leader

Posted on January 3rd, 2024


Counter & Kitchen Team Leader

Based at:

Arments Pie & Mash Restaurant, 7 & 9 Westmoreland Road, Walworth, London, SE17 2AX

Job Purpose:

To be an effective Team Member in providing excellent service to Arments customers.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. To supervise the Counter and Kitchen Team.
  2. At other times, to be an integral and fully contributing member of the Counter and Kitchen Team
  3. To ensure all the morning procedures are completed in a timely manner prior to the shop opening to customers at 10.30am
  4. To assist in organising and preparing the Postal Deliveries and any other orders for collection or delivery
  5. When supervising, to closely communicate with the Bakehouse Team Leader (Jason Moss) or in his absence, the Productions Director (Paul Saunders) to ensure that both departments are equally aware of operational requirements
  6. To provide a positive and welcoming experience for all of Arments customers
  7. To ensure that Arments internal procedures are closely adhered to at all times
  8. To ensure the post -closing procedures are all completed satisfactorily
  9. To suggest ways to improve the business
  10. To represent Arments in a professional manner at all times


This role has clear supervisory requirements and the job holder should strive to improve both the internal operating capability and the customer experience wherever possible.


Tuesdays – Saturdays – 31.5 hours per week.


Starting from:  £11.25 per hour

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