Arments make traditional pie & mash using the family recipe which has been handed down for generations – it's changed little since we started over 100 years ago – remaining a secret to this day. Our artisan meat pies are made with 100% beef steak from Scotland and Ireland, with no preservatives, fillers or packers, and our mash potatoes have nothing added either apart from a little salt.

Before trimming our pies by hand, the minced beef steak is encased in a soft bottom pastry and covered with a crispy flakey top, giving Arments traditional pies their unique and delicious flavour. All our pies are made on the premises in our bakehouse fresh everyday, using only the best ingredients with full traceability from our suppliers. Even our ovens are probably older than our current owner !

Though our green liquor is no longer made with eel juice, it’s still traditionally served with our pies and eels as it was when we opened in 1914. It is a parsley sauce that has been a favourite of families that have been coming to our traditional London pie and eel house restaurant since the beginning.