Happy Birthday to us! Arments Pie & Mash is 110 years old!

Arments Pie & Mash Is 110 Years Old! Happy Birthday To Us!

Posted on April 8th, 2024

Arments Pie & Mash is 110 years old!

Arments is celebrating an incredible 110 years in business! And our continuing success is down to you, our amazing customers. To help us commemorate our extra-special birthday Diane Gould, the Pearly Queen of St Pancras, will be visiting our shop on Westmoreland Road on Saturday 13th April.

So save the date, and join us for a singalong, and the chance to win freebies, and delicious pie and mash, for you and a friend. We’ll also be donating and raising money for Diane to distribute to her charities: Young Lives V’s Cancer  and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

London: A city built on pie, mash, liquor, and jellied eels

Not that long ago, every London street had its own pie and mash shop – they were hubs for the local communities. Arments pie and mash shop helped to sustain Londoners through the bleakest of months, and darkest of times, including the blitz, when Arments, then under the ownership of Emily Arment, served nutritious food to families in need.

Nowadays, sadly, pie and mash shops are a rarity, with many struggling to keep up with London’s fast-paced dining landscape. Changing tastes and demographics, along with many Londoners moving out to Essex, and the home counties, have led to a decline in pie and mash in London.

Cockneys want protected status for pie and mash

Comedian Arthur Smith describes pie and mash as a “way of life, a culture for ‘non posh’ Londoners”. He and actor Danny Dyer are campaigning for the dish to receive protected geographical status – just like the Cornish pasty and Stilton cheese. The campaign has kicked off with a petition urging us to “Give us Respect for Cockney Cuisine” and features Danny Dyer on a WW1 style poster, with the slogan “Your Pie’n’Mash Needs You ”. Happily Arments have stayed the distance. We are still going strong, 110 years on, and serving up traditional – as well as newer – versions of our delicious staple.

Arments: Maintaining the same high standards for 110 years

At Arments we believe in serving our customers affordable, nutritious meals – that’s what made our pies special all those years ago – and the same applies today. Our pies are still baked by hand on the premises, using fresh ingredients, and they’re based on the same family-kept secret recipes we’ve been using for four generations.

As well as being known for our delicious pies, customers also love our famously smooth mash, brilliant liquor, and signature chili vinegar. All served by our super-friendly staff, many of whom have been with us for years – and all of whom are very much part of the Arments family.

Arments pies have stood the test of time

“We must have pies. Stress can’t exist in the presence of a pie!”
Reverend Kevin Ashby, blessing the pies at the British Pie Awards

Some people love fish and chips, others love a roast dinner, but there’s no denying there’s something special about a pie. From medieval herring pies to the “Pecock” pies enjoyed by Henry VIII, the combination of delicious flaky pastry, and tasty savoury fillings has been enjoyed by people in the UK, and beyond, for hundreds of years.

Arments pie and mash meals: Fast food without the guilt

You won’t develop a waistline like Henry VIII, however, by eating Arments pies. Our regular pie, mash, and liquor dinner contains just 581 calories. That’s far fewer calories, and less sugar and fat than many fast foods on the market.

Arment’s pies have no fillers or colourings either, they’re made from 100% high quality Scottish and Irish beef, freshly minced for each day’s baking.

Traditional, with a modern twist: Arments has moved with the times

From online delivery to vegetarian and vegan pies, we make delicious pie and mash that customers of all tastes and preferences can enjoy. We’ve also been able to introduce Arment’s meals to a wider market, by allowing a selection of high quality Licensed Sellers to stock our pies, mash, and liquor.

Thanks again to all our wonderful customers for helping us reach this incredible milestone. Help us celebrate our 110th birthday – and enjoy fresh pie and mash in our shop on April 13th.

Or why not book an online delivery for a get-together with friends and family, and enjoy delicious homemade pies, with stewed or jellied eels and liquor, in the comfort of your own home.

With very special thanks to you, our customers, and also our fantastic team, without you all,  we wouldn’t be here!

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