Here at Arments we take food safety very seriously.

All our staff hold levels 2 or 3 City and Guilds accreditation in Food Safety & Hygiene, showing we are dedicated to ensuring the utmost cleanliness and hygiene in our preparation of your food. Our key members of staff are also trained in Allergy Awareness.

We are proud to hold and maintain our 5-star Food Hygiene rating awarded by Southwark Council too.

In recent years our food has undergone extensive testing.  We now know the nutritional content of our food and our more popular products each have their individual shelf life.  We have also, after submitting a comprehensive application to Southwark Council, been granted a license –  our unique License number –  to sell our pies, for resale. This is quite an achievement as the regulations regarding the handling of raw meat are stringent! All of this is not only great information for us but we are also pleased to be able to pass this knowledge onto our Licensed Sellers and our customers.

When you are looking for traditional pie & mash, you want to be assured that modern health and hygiene standards are being maintained. Arments have the best of both worlds and we want you, our valued customer, to have the same. We treat our work both like a science and an art form, whilst remaining true to our heritage. We hope you will love our traditional pie and mash as much as we do.

Arments Pie & Mash Food Hygiene Rating