Let’s celebrate! It’s British Pie Week 6-12th March 2023

British Pie Week - March 6-12th 2023!

Posted on March 5th, 2023

It’s British Pie Week 6-12th March 2023

British Pie Week has now become an established tradition, having been introduced in 2007 by pastry manufacturer Jus-Rol. It started as a campaign to get us making more pies at home, but it’s transformed into an event that celebrates the great British pie in all its forms across the country. Since the first British Pie Week judges have chomped their way through 10,000 pies entered in 23 classes!

What’s the most popular pie?

From savoury pies to fruit pies, and pork pies to pizza pies, pies are an everyday staple and provide the perfect comfort food to enjoy with friends and family. The most popular pie in the UK at the moment – according to research by hungryhouse.co.uk (drumroll please….) is the Steak & Ale pie, at 22%, followed by the Steak & Potato pie (17%).

Who eats all the pies in the UK?

Chairman of British Pie Week Dr Matthew O’Callaghan says British pies are our contribution to international cuisine:

“We’ve developed the pie like no other country; hot, cold, sweet, savoury and with a range of pastry to match, shortcrust, hot water crust, suet, filo, puff.”

As a nation, we probably eat more pies per head than anywhere else in the world, in fact we consume over £1 billion worth of pies every year.

But research reveals that the Scots eat the most pies in the UK with as many as 12%of Scots eating at least two pies each per week.

What’s the secret of a good pie?

 Let’s list this out:

 1 Flaky tender crust – buttery and flaky with a tender texture

2 Delicious filling – moist, flavourful, and well-seasoned

3 The right amount of filling to crust – enough to satisfy but not so much it overpowers the crust

4 Looks great – appealing to the eye with attractive presentation

At Arments we tick all these boxes. We use the best quality flour, the best quality steak from Ireland and Scotland, and we’re obsessed with attention to detail, with a recipe that’s been honed to perfection for over 100 years to get the perfect texture and taste. Our vegan pies are made to the same high standards, and pack in the same delicious flavour, swapping out beef for soya mince and adding fresh vegetables and herbs.

Arment’s pies have a golden brown crust and an even layer of filling. Every pie is consistent in texture and flavour, guaranteeing a satisfying pie experience every time.

Pie facts you might not know

  • Pie and mash has been served in London since at least the 19th century and the first Pie and Eel House existed even before fish and chip shops.
  • “Umble pie” consisted of deer entrails encased in a pie in the Middle Ages. The entrails are termed “umble” not humble.
  • The Pilgrim Fathers took their apple pie recipe to America. They were often called “pippin” pies due to the fact they were made with the Cox Pippin apple.
  • Cornish Pasties came from tin mining, while the famous Stargazy pie in Mousehole resulted from famine in Cornwall and used fish heads and tails since these were the only foods available at the time.

The British Pie Awards are central to British Pie Week with judging on the 8th of March and the awards lunch on the 10th March. Why not come and celebrate with us and sample the best pie and mash in London during British Pie Week or order online and enjoy a 10% discount.  Just add discount code BRITISHPIEWEEK1023 (valid from March 6th-12th) at checkout.  If you can’t get to us, check out our growing number of Licensed Sellers as you may find one near to you.  They have all been trained by ourselves in the art of pie and mash serving, so you can be sure of a high standard.  If you’d like to become an Arments Licensed Seller, you can read more and apply here.

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