British Pie Week March 5th -11th 2018

British Pie Week 2018

Posted on March 5th, 2018

It’s British Pie Week again! 5th – 11th March 2018

This cold wintry weather has provided us with the perfect excuse to cosy up with a hot, homemade pie. We Brits eat millions of pies every year, making them the nation’s ultimate comfort food. So, join us in embracing British Pie Week – yet another fantastic opportunity to celebrate all that’s great about this truly delicious national food!

What’s the nation’s favourite pie?

Last year did some research in a bid to uncover the nation’s favourite pies. In at number one was steak and ale, followed by steak and potato. They also found that Southerners are even madder about pies than their Northern counterparts, eating on average double the amount of pies – at around 10 pies per year.

British Pie Awards 2018

The British Pie awards will be held this Wednesday, 7th March – at where other than the Leicestershire capital of pork pies, Melton Mowbray. The competition is now in its 10th year last year seeing 897 pies presented from 150 makers from all across the UK.

This year more than 900 pies will be tested and tasted – from 179 pie-makers. 120 judges have been invited to spend hours munching their way through the best pies in the land (nice work if you can get it!).

Things you probably didn’t know about pies

 The most expensive pie ever sold was served up at a gourmet pub in Lancashire. The Guinness Book of World Records recorded that each of eight slices of pie were bought for £1024 – making the total pie worth over £8000.

The filling included exclusive Japanese wagyu beef filet, Chinese matsutake and French Bluefoot mushrooms, truffles -served with a vintage Chateau Rothschild wine gravy. As a finishing touch the pie was topped with edible gold leaf!

And – another interesting pie fact – In Shakespeare’s plays two characters meet their end by being baked in a pie! This grisly incident occurs in Titus Andronicus – Queen Tamora is punished for her evil deeds by having her two sons baked into a pie.

Unusual ways to celebrate pies

The Annual World Pie Eating Championships has been on the go since 1992, taking place at Harry’s Bar in Wigan. In the early days of the competition, participants were invited to eat as many pies as possible in a given time period. This was changed due to health rules in 2006 – now competitors attempt to eat one pie in the smallest period of time.

Weirdest pies ever?

Anyone fancy a ‘Club pie’ – made up of French fries, bacon and mayonnaise? Or how about a ‘Candied Peppers and Chocolate pie’? Or could be the worst pie ever be the Peanut butter and pickle pie? – these have all been entrants in California’s ‘strangest pie contest’?

You’ll be glad to know we won’t be serving up any of the above! Instead we’ll be celebrating British Pie Week by continuing to provide you with delicious, traditional handmade pies, made from a recipe we know you love.

Arments are the heart of pie and mash – so why not come and celebrate British Pie Week with us at our restaurant on Westmoreland Road? Or pop into one of our new Licensed Sellers for a freshly made Arment’s pie. If it’s too cold to venture out you could host your very own British Pie Week party in the comfort of your own home, by simply ordering online.


British Pie Week 2018However you choose to enjoy them – we guarantee that all our pies are lovingly prepared – and sure to warm up or brighten up even the coldest or wettest of days.

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