British food lovers around the world miss traditional pie & mash

Posted on March 31st, 2015

Expats miss Traditional Pie and Mash!
Steakandkidneypie-300x289Many British tourist and expats around the world miss enjoying authentic English food.

From sausages, pastries, puddings and cheese, they reveal what food they most miss about the old country – the English dish, traditional Pie and Mash.

Perhaps one of the most famous dishes from England, specifically certain parts of East London and Essex is Pie and mash. While the practice of eating pie and potatoes is nothing new, the actual dish, pie and mash and liquor, with seasonings of pepper and vinegar is a great British tradition. The staple dish dates back to the 18th century, when street sellers would sell penny pies filled with eels from the Thames, a cheap meal perfect for Victorians.
For those who have grown up with it, pie and mash is the stuff of dreams. A traditional and hearty working class meal hailing from the east end of London, these steak filled pies are coupled with plain and simple mashed potato and a green sauce, known as liquor…it was traditionally made from the water left over from stewing eels, and plenty of parsley. Though the green liquor isn’t made from eels any longer, you can taste traditional pie and mash much the way it tasted 100 years ago.
Here are actual tweets from British people across the world:

‘I’m gonna leave this page the sight of all those pies is killing me here in Spain’

‘I think you will be surprised how many customers here on the Costa Blanca you would have !!!!’

‘Been in oz too long, back July, first stop Arments. Can’t wait’

Virgina USA ‘ We always pop into Arments whenever we are over in the UK too’

Arments Pie & MashIf you are looking to get a traditional pie and mash dish in London, look no further than Arments Pie and Mash in Walworth. Come and try their steak pie or steak and kidney pie with green liquor gravy, or even a portion of jellied eels. Not only do they make authentic pie and mash whose recipe has been passed on for many decades, they also cater for vegetarians. All dishes can be traditionally topped off with a little vinegar, the chilli version for those who are a fan of a bit of spice.

Visit Arments Traditional Pie and Mash today and enjoy high quality, delicious traditional English meals. You can also place your orders online as Arments deliver all across mainland UK now … you will never need to be without your traditional pie and mash again!


  1. R BROWNING says:

    Hi pieman, I live in France now and the only thing I miss is the good old pie and mash
    It would be very nice of you if you would please send me a sticker for my car for
    all the expats to look at, and remined me of old London town thanks very much and
    keep up the good work

    1. Cheryl says:

      With pleasure! It’s on its way to you 🙂

  2. Joan says:

    I have been in Spain nearly 2 years and keep having a recurring nightmare about pie and mash, never being able to eat it again.
    Somebody needs to open a suitable eaterie here, they would make a fortune!!
    Mouth is watering and I will start having flashbacks. Do I need therapy?

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