Arments First Licensed Pie and Mash Outlet opens next to Borough Market

Arments Pie & Mash at Green Dragon Court arches

Posted on August 14th, 2015

The Mayor of Southwark Cllr Flora Dixon-Fyle to open Arments Pie And Mash Outlet Next to Borough Market

Green Dragon Court arches

We are so pleased to announce that Arments is expanding! – Arments traditional pie, mash and liquor will now be served from two shops in the Borough – our current shop in Westmoreland Road and at 5 Green Dragon Court, SE1 9AW, under the arches at the entrance to Borough Market.

We feel so proud that in our 101st year, our third generation family business will be bringing the ‘Taste of London’ to so many more culturally diverse residents, city workers, visitors and tourists in the heart of London.  Our first licensed partner, Farhen Enver, is eager  to open the doors!

We have the honour of our first Arments Licensed Partner outlet being officially opened by  The Mayor of Southwark Cllr Dora Dixon-Fyle on Wednesday August 19th 2015.  We also have the pleasure of the Company of the Pearly King Jimmy Jukes attending, fundraising for UK Homes 4 Heroes.   All are welcome to come along and join us.

Roy Arment  says: ‘Arments is very much woven into the fabric of London, serving it’s people through many historical events and we are pleased to now be in the Borough making history.’  All the pies for our first licensed outlet will be made at our bakehouse in Westmoreland Road.

The first Arments Licensed outlet partner, Farhen Enver adds ‘ Growing up in London, I am honoured to be the first of Arments Licensed Partners.  Two of London’s most traditional food outlets:  Arments Pie and mash shop of Walworth and the Borough food market, both  with hundreds of years of London history.

Roy Farhen and Cheryl

Cheryl Arment, says  ‘We are changing the way we do things with a new website, on line shop and postal pie delivery service across the UK, whilst staying true to  our roots and tradition of good food freshly prepared by hand daily, good value and good service.   Based in the heart of London, we are especially excited to be opening near to the Borough and working with Farhen’.


The Arments Licensed Pie and Mash outlet will have seating for around 20, and will serve takeaway meals. Orders from surrounding offices etc are welcomed. The shop will be open 6 days per week Monday to Saturday, from 10.30 am to 9.30 pm.

And of course…our doors in Westmoreland Road will remain open as usual!


Read more in the Southwark News



  1. John Baley says:

    The best pie and mash on the globe. My family moved into the area 100 years ago next year. Unwell 89 year old had stewed eels today and ate the lot. Great nourishment for the ailing and for the still growing sixty odd year olds. I do hope the new place takes off…the more the merrier, like the old days, out of the pub and into the pie shop! Good Luck

    1. Cheryl says:

      Thank you John for your good wishes and your memory of the pub and the pie shop! Yes, eels are a great source of nutrition at any age and so easy to eat at 89! We wish them well.

    2. Cheryl says:

      Hi Lolla. Thank you for your comments. As you will see, we served Notice on the Licensee for breach of contract as things were not being done as they should have been. I know that if you come and try our pie and mash at Westmoreland Road, London SE17 you will have a very different experience!

  2. Betty Taylor says:

    Congrats on your new venture you deserve all the luck and thank you for being a important part of my family lives. A year to the day since we buried my sister Lilly her last meal she wanted and enjoyed was pie and mash she would have wished you all the luck as well much love to you all from the Gunns of the late Boyson Rd. xxx

    1. Cheryl says:

      Hi Betty. Thank you and the family for your good wishes re our new venture. We remember Lilly coming in that day, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us x

  3. Debbie says:

    oooh right next to where I work…. tasted perfect !!!!

    1. Cheryl says:

      Fabulous Debbie…thank you for your feedback 🙂

  4. Linda says:

    Absolutley devestaed today drove all the way from Kent to get our usual Arments Pie & Mash and the ovens were down – had to go to Manzies ~ rest assured we will be back next weekend for our Arments 🙂

    1. Cheryl says:

      Our sincere apologies Linda. All is fixed and we are up and running again. We look forward to seeing you next week.

  5. Mark Wardell says:

    Coming down to London next Saturday and will make a point of popping in.

    1. Cheryl says:

      We look forward to seeing you Mark. Open from 10.30am.

  6. Jackie says:

    I was brought up on Arments pie mash down the Walworth road it’s the best one around.

    1. Cheryl says:

      Thank you Jackie, always good to hear!

  7. Grant H says:

    The world would not be the same without Arments pie and mash !!!!!!!!
    I loveit?

    1. Cheryl says:

      Thank you Gary 🙂

  8. Graham says:

    We celebrated my Dad getting the all clear at Guy’s after a long illness with a pint at the Bunch of Grapes then the best pie and mash here….thank you

    1. Cheryl says:

      That’s brilliant news Graham! We wish your Dad well and glad you all enjoyed our pie and mash.

  9. No name says:

    Went there at 2.30 today Friday 25th Sept with a few mates and it wasn’t even open?

    1. Cheryl says:

      Sorry you were inconvenienced by the licensed outlet’s closure. This was not known to us. It seems they had sold out of pies. We will be issuing a news release imminently regarding the outlet.

  10. terry says:

    Got to say im very dissapointed with the standard at Borough market – Pie was dry and Liquor without any real flava .. not a patch on the Woolworth rd shop ..

    1. Cheryl says:

      Hi Terry. Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we have been experiencing problems with the licensed outlet. We are imminently issuing a news release regarding the outlet. Walworth Road is unaffected and will remain at it’s usual high standard.

  11. Margaret says:

    I and my family have been eating pie and mash for over 60 years. As a child I lived in Boyson Road and all my relatives lived in and around Walworth Road/East lane. Sadly it’s no longer as it was BUt Arments has remained constant. My elder daughter celebrated her birthday this week,declined dinning out and asked that we all had pie and mash. So we drove from South Croydon Saturday morning to collect our feast.
    It was as good as always, fantastic.
    Ps I would really recommend buying the 2 books that Roy sells about old Walworth it’s a trip down memory lane!

    1. Cheryl says:

      Thank you Margaret. We hope you and your family will continue to enjoy our pie and mash for many years to come.

  12. Dan Da Man Warren says:

    Hi so its true ???? been listening to whispers is it open on a Monday at all (crosses fingers) i will be trying to give it a try this week and will let you know what i think. #TeamArments

    1. Cheryl says:

      Hi Dan. Yes, it’s true. We had to serve notice on our Licensee as things were not being done as per our agreement, and how they should have been. Read more…

  13. gavin says:

    Where have gone?

    1. Cheryl says:

      Hi Gavin. The Borough outlet has closed.

  14. Lorraine says:

    I have been here since my school days and would never go any where else best pie and mash in London I even drive all the way from kent now to get it X

  15. Lee says:

    Ever thought about opening a branch in the city?

    1. Cheryl says:

      Maybe one day Lee!

  16. Julie says:

    Can’t wait to come to the borough to have the best pie mash I was bought up in the Walworth rd used to go every friday after school. My son also has eaten at the Walworth rd shop he says it’s the best and don’t like eating any where else.

    1. Cheryl says:

      Hi Julie. We are sorry but we had to withdraw our License from the guy we gave it to at the Borough and it closed down. However, our shop in Westmoreland Road, SE17 2AX is open Tuesday-Saturday and serving great pie and mash as it has been for 102 years!

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